On the Eve of Failing Camp Nanowrimo

At least I tried…?

Having been consumed by two separate screenplay rewrites the past month, I don’t know how I ever imagined I’d have time to speed-write a loose fantasy novel draft. I’m cluelessly ambitious, I guess. Unrealistic aspirations aside, Camp Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month’s springtime little cousin) is a great excuse to congregate with other writers and get some thoughts on paper. All glory to the wretched first draft. Praise be.

This is the THIRD time I’ve failed a Nanowrimo-related challenge. Frankly it’s not the greatest tool for me, since I write novel fiction so infrequently. Its need to gauge word count isn’t a great tracker for screenplays, which top out around 120 pages. For that, I recommend setting your own goals and getting customized writing plans from the free online tool Pacemaker. However, I’ll probably give Nano another shot, provided I’m able to finish my other drafts in a timely manner.

That said, I’m hugely proud of any of you who managed the hustle this time around. Camp Nano will have a second session this summer, and of course the regular run in November.

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