End Times

And now a break from our regularly scheduled programming.

Tribes Note 5 went up earlier this week. It’s not really a storyline that’s in a hurry. More of a sometimes-warmup for my off-blog activities. I’m making excuses for the fact that it may be going nowhere, and may never end.

I can’t make the same excuses for my other projects, although they face a similar problem: endings.

Endings are the worst. I’m eternally jealous of all the people who start out writing knowing exactly how a thing will end. Crafting must come so easily to them, because they always know which way to sail. The course is more or less charted.

I might start with some nebulous idea, such as “the love interest must die, in the most tragic way possible,” or “the protagonist must discover the antagonist is his father in time to off him before wild bears do” — but even as I’m nearing that ultimate moment, I falter. I’ve got a backlog of stories and screenplays written three-quarters through but lacking a satisfying climax and resolution.

They say the best conclusion is surprising but inevitable. I wish there were a roller-stick of that sentiment, and I could just spread it all over my documents, dry them off, and pronounce them at long last satisfactory. But without deep psychoanalysis, I might never figure out this debilitating problem.

In fact, I can’t even imagine a reasonable ending to this blog post.

Oh well. Time to fuck off to my coffee shop/sanctuary, where I’ll be banging my forehead on the laptop keys and wishing I knew more words.

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