Kick (Flash Fiction Challenge)

Francis squinted until it looked like his toes were walking across the mud brown river, instead of swinging midair from the academy windowsill. That way his kicks could carve waves, bashing the cherry-red ferry tours against each other like toys in the bathtub.

The dorm attendant dawdled past his open door. “They just rang. I’m sorry, Francis.”

“Can I talk to them?”

“They were running to catch a flight. Rome, I think. Looks like we’ll be keeping each other company again this year.” And he wandered off again into the recesses of the dormitory.

Francis looked from his suitcases, packed neatly on his crisp-made bed, back out to the red river boats. Kick. Kick. He squinted. Slapped his bare foot through the air.

SPLASH. The ripples swelled outward from his imaginary impact. Ferries caught up in the wave. Hulls creaking, rafts appearing. Kick, kick! The chaos sank with an understated bubble, which Francis felt most when he tried to swallow back his tears.

[163 wds]

This post was written in response to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ChallengeThe photo prompt was provided by Louise – The Storyteller’s Abode. 

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