Downtown, my headlights round the marina. And, like the way your knuckle jams sometimes (that empty pain), it’s snowing again. The tires barely crunch as I pull up to the edge of the lake. City lights glow behind, dark water in front; and all I can think is how old things are covered, with new things replaced. I loved you once. My tracks fill with snow.


Thanks to our host for this six-sentence prompt. Read more responses on the idea of “Place” here:

11 thoughts on “Re/Place

  1. This SSS seems to be a forewarning of something ominous. Being in a car so close to the water’s edge, and the tracks now covered with snow. . .
    A feeling of such sadness.

    Well written SSS.

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  2. A very emotional six sentences and I liked them a lot. I also liked the ending – I’m not sure how others saw it, but with new things covering the old and the tire tracks (old) getting covered with (new) snow, I imagine the protag backing away from the lake.


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